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Specialist Recruitment

Our many years of business growth and development occasionally results in our ability to place a variety of event and sporting related vacancies to the market.  Our global contacts network also means we can head hunt and recruit individuals  for our clients, for further information and to receive our current vacancy listings, please contact Amanda Sales McHale via emai with your CV and contact details/availability  

Our current vacancies include event management and a range of catering related positions for a new venture based in Wentworth South Yorkshire.   We look forward to hearing from you.

Catering  Positions

The job roles (head chef &  commis chef)

-The hours they’ll be working ( Wednesday- Saturday 12-10 and Sunday 8-6, the occasional Tuesday to accept orders and prep)

-The contract (45 hours with overtime)

-  pension pay

- stat sick pay

- Want chefs passionate about cooking and willing to learn

-Head chef has to have a strong understanding on the paperwork aspect of the job

-Both confident in talking to guests and prepared to work on front of house if needed

-confident in working on every section in the kitchen and with a small team

- involvement in writing the menus

- willing to listen to instruction

- Attention to detail is KEY

- relevant experience (ideally in a busy kitchen)     other positions also avai;able


ExcitingNew business  The Wentorth Bistro, Wentworth opening Spring 2023


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